We believe that every person should have the chance to succeed.
Your company has the power to make an extraordinary impact on lives across the Netherlands.

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Train and employ

Create real employment and internships opportunities for survivors and leave a memorable impact on corporate volunteers and fellow employers.

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Inspire your people

Together we will work with your team to create a bespoke, inspiring partnership that will include fresh and fun challenges, entrepreneurial team-building projects and opportunities for your employees to share their unique skills with survivors in their local communities.


Event and sponsorship

Our sponsors have access to a whole range of benefits that can showcase their brand to wider audiences. Our calendar is packed full of opportunities for sponsorship as well as media exposure.


Other ways to help

We’re always open to exploring new and interesting ways to work with potential partners. Every company, big or small, has something special to offer vulnerable people in The Netherlands.

Become a partner

There are many ways for your business and employees to get involved. We have succesfully created strategically aligned partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We offer our partners’ employees real-life opportunities to interact and to see the difference they make first-hand. Together, we can change lives. Please fill in the form and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

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Inform yourself!

Read, ask, explore! Human trafficking is a global issue that concerns many different topics and you’ll probably be interested in more than one of them: gender, human rights, activism,  etc. There are many ways to be informed!

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Be the first to talk about it!

Simply by discussing and debating with relatives and friends you can raise awareness about the important links between the challenges of your daily life and the global effect slavery has on us all.

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You don’t need to travel very far to show solidarity with global causes. Anti-trafficking  Organisations and NGOs in your city or town are already working to fight slavery, injustice and poverty both here and abroad. Get involved!