Who we are

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Who we are

Share Network is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise awareness. Our mission is to create opportunities for survivors of human trafficking to thrive. Share Network works to achieve this for survivors of human trafficking by using the 3E approach.




Share Network offers programs to survivors: like the removal of “branded” tattoos, dance workshops, mentor program and internships.

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Everyone brings their own valuable experience and background.
The goal is the same for everyone and we are fully involved in the subject.


Noortje Bakker

Share Board member

Noortje Bakker has practiced law in the Netherlands since 2007. She has represented a variety of clients from entrepeneurs to large companies. Outside of the court Noortje has equipped companies and their employees on the changes in legislation through her seminars. She has always had a big sense of justice and as a lover of justice she finds human trafficking one of the biggest injustices in our day and age.  As a member of the Board of Share Network Noortje aims to contribute and create more awareness about the (hidden) modern slavery, with a special focus on women in slavery


Rachel Wechsler

Advisor to the Board 

Rachel is currently undertaking her DPhil in Criminology and is conducting research on sex trafficking victims’ experiences with the criminal justice process in the Netherlands. She was the 2015 McDougall Visiting Professor of International Law at the West Virginia University College of Law, where she taught International Human Rights Law. Rachel was also an Editor for the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog from 2013-2014. Prior to coming to Oxford, she was a litigation associate at Latham & Watkins LLP in New York. Rachel completed her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, her Master’s degree in Evidence-based Social Work at Oxford, and her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development at Cornell University


Roëlla Lieveld

Founder & Director

Roëlla is the founder of Share Network. For the past 11 year she has dedicated her time to assist victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. She has been an advocate for men and women in the US, Bulgaria, Netherlands Germany just to name a few countries. She works with local judges, aftercare placements, police detectives, and social workers to create new policies within the legal system and social services to ensure survivors receive proper advocacy from the point of rescue to rehabilitation.


Joël Antonie

Share Board member

Joël  is an international political operator adept in framing, negotiation and diplomacy. With experience ranging from a political party to an international organization in Kenya, and from the Dutch government to a foreign embassy in The Hague, he understand the complexity of policy and the process of negotiating and lobbying. He is most passionate about fighting injustice and motivating others, especially young people, to do the same! In light of that, he previously served as international secretary of the youth wing of a political party. He has also given trainings in the field of youth participation and activism to youth in various schools and universities in the Netherlands, as well as in the Middle East and Central Europe. He would also like to use my his professional skills to fight injustice outside of the framework of my job. He currently lives and works in The Hague where he analyzes Dutch politics and advices in the field of multilateral diplomacy for a foreign embassy.


Yessica van Roozendaal

Share Board member

Yessica van Roozendaal is an IT entrepreneur and mother of two. She joined Share Network in 2017 to help set up fundraising for our foundation. When founding her company she decided everyone in it should spend 10% of their energy on volunteering. Helping people, animals and take care of our planet. “I was so overwhelmed when I first heard about human trafficking, I knew I had to do something. Share Network does such amazing work, I am very proud to be part of it. ”


Marphen Mijnals

Share Board member