My Only Option Was to Sell My Body

I grew up in a house with drug addicts as parents. From a young age, I had to learn how take care of myself and others. At home I felt unsafe and life had became a living hell. I saw no other option but to run away. This was the start of my life in the sex industry. To me, sex was not love or lust. To me sex was a means of survival.

According to the law, I wasn’t even allowed to have sex.  But life on the streets did not offer me any other carrier choices. I had to make a living somehow. Roaming from one home to another, with sex as a means of exchange was my livelihood for two full years. My greatest desire in all those years was to feel safe. Growing up safe in a loving, warm family is a given for most children, but it wasn’t for me. Where could I find peace and a roof over my head where I felt safe? Those questions seemed to be the recurring theme time and time again.