Thank you for visiting. We are full at the moment, no seats left. 

But we do hope that there will be an other opportunity for us to connect soon! 

Love, Team Share

Our Special Guests: 

Share is a series of (free) events dedicated to the powerful women in our community in collaboration with De Gemeente Amsterdam and SPE

In the intimate setting of Bar Bario, we’re kicking off the series with a special dinner & rendez-vous on Wednesday April 19th at 18:30. And you are invited eat, talk and dance with us, with music from one of our favourite DJ’s.

The event (and series) is all about empowering self-determination from within. For this event, we are inviting women that are ready to take (back) agency and/or are curious to explore all layers of their sexuality or have experienced assault. We have a set of inspiring  guest speaker, sexologists and experts that will stop by. 

We’re looking forward to celebrating femininity and sexuality with you.