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Policy Plan

1. Introduction
In 2016, we founded Share Network Foundation out of the passion we deep had and have in our hearts for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. Through the foundation, we want to create more awareness of the existence of
human trafficking, its causes and its victims among a public who are generally unaware of the enormity of the problem.
The reason why we want to raise awareness of the existence of human trafficking in this way is that sharing knowledge is the first step to preventing even more victims. But even the most basic facts about human trafficking require more attention from policymakers. It is an established fact that there are more slaves than ever before in the world. We can assume with some certainty
assume that this is not known to most people. Human trafficking, moreover, is the fastest growing industry in the criminal circuit. Also, the fact that 80% of the victims of human trafficking are women and children is often unknown. Raising awareness will therefore help us – and ultimately policymakers – to provide tailored care for victims and create strong and appropriate safety policies. It will contribute to a more proactive attitude of our society towards the eradication of human trafficking.
In the policy plan below, the Share Network Foundation board lays out the current policy. This policy plan was re-adopted in amended form on 2 February 2018. The policy plan will be updated as needed.
2. Strategy
2.1. Core principles of the institution.
The objective of Share Network is contained in article 2 of the statutes and reads as follows.
1. The foundation has the following objectives:
a. to expel ‘modern slavery’ from society;
b. creating awareness among people, organizations, institutions and organizations, institutions and businesses about the existence of ‘modern slavery’ and the issue of human trafficking, all in the broadest sense of the word;
c. The performance of all other actions related to the above in the broadest sense or to the related to the above in the broadest sense or which may be conducive to it. With its objective the institution aims to serve the public interest.
2.2. Vision
Share Network is a non-profit organization that strives to make human trafficking disappear in
disappear in our time. We do this by using education and
employment for the sustained recovery and advancement of
victims of human trafficking. We believe that education and employment are the
best antidote to human trafficking.
2.2.1 Share Network Foundation wants that:
– Human trafficking will no longer occur in the Netherlands in 2030.
– Victims of human trafficking become financially independent through our mentor program, so that they are not trafficked again. But reintegrate successfully and contribute to society.
– All our business partners (business world) receive information and more awareness about various forms of human trafficking.
– Our dance workshops give victims of human trafficking the tools for personal development.
– That the approach to human trafficking is considered from the perspective of the victim. And that the victims in question are involved in the assistance and justice system.
– Experts by experience will be structurally involved in providing information about human trafficking to professionals within five years. 
– The involvement of experts by experience will increase the number of reports of trafficking in human beings.
2.3. Mission
Our mission is realized through our various programs, workshops and trainings. With our mentor program, we counteract the marginalization of our participants. It should also be an inspiring platform for personal development, creating a new sense of purpose and confidence. This positive interaction is aimed at the advancement of victims of human trafficking by organizing trainings, empowerment events and job fairs. Our participants have the opportunity to complete internships and
gain work experience. Share Network has a few initial goals in mind. Our long-term goal is to “Empower, Educate and Employ” by finding creative and sustainable solutions. Our partnership with companies is crucial in the growth of our mentoring program. Our short-term goal is to increase awareness and support local, safety houses. We use the power of art to create awareness and facilitate conversations to combat human trafficking. We do this by providing workshops for survivors of human trafficking and most recently our Branded Free Campaign.

Our primary partners
– Raise Your Voice e.V.
– The Next Stage Foundation
– Oracle – HVO Querido
– Webster University – Cherut
– SheSuit
– FourPlus – Heroes International

Absence of profit motive
Share Network has no profit motive, as evidenced in Article 2 and in its actual operations. The institution does not seek profit for the sake of profit itself. This is evidenced by the fact that the institution allows the proceeds generated from its activities to
This is evident from the fact that the institution uses the proceeds from its activities for the benefit of its objective.
Appropriation of the liquidation balance As shown by Article 15 of the Articles of Association, a liquidation surplus must be spent on behalf of an ANBI with a similar objective or on behalf of a foreign institution which exclusively or almost exclusively aims to achieve public benefit and which has a similar objective and which has a similar objective.
3. Policy
Activities to be performed by the foundation
Share Network Foundation performs the following activities.
a. The production of artistically high-quality intercultural performances both with victims of human trafficking and with (professional) (international) artists;
b. giving (or having given) lectures, trainings, workshops and/or education to victims of human trafficking as well as schools, neighbourhood communities and visitors of our performances;
c. participating in and cooperating with (local) organisations that pursue a similar goal;
d. organizing (or having organized) events, activities, trips and/or meetings;
e. realising or having realised a platform to make modern slavery and human trafficking human trafficking into the open for discussion;
f. Conducting research and collecting and providing information information;
g. to carry out or arrange for the carrying out of any activities both nationally and internationally that that which, in the opinion of the board, is necessary, useful and/or is necessary, useful and/or desirable;
h. making resources available in order to achieve the aforementioned goals realize the above-mentioned objectives;
i. the raising of funds, acceptance of donations and the application of such such funds and gifts for the above-mentioned activities;
j. consultation and cooperation with organizations which support the activities described above;
k. preparing and distributing promotional materials;
l. maintaining a website.
Because the activities of the Share Network Foundation make people more aware of the distressing issues that lie behind human trafficking and encourage them to encourage them at its events to participate in actions against modern slavery, the foundation contributes to the realization of the objective as stated in
Article 2 of the statutes.
Fundraising and management of funds
Share Network Foundation raises funds for the purpose of the objective through of the following recruitment activities.
a. raising donations;
b. encouraging donations;
c. Encouraging acquisitions under the law of succession, which in the case of an heir can only be done under the privilege of inventory;
d. The raising of subsidies;
e. acquiring contributions from third parties
f. raise other income.
The management of the income received shall take place as follows. A treasurer and external bookkeeper or accountant will audit the accounts quarterly and annually. The institution strives to keep the management costs as low as possible. The Share Network Foundation has set a goal of raising 189,000 Euros
in its second year.
Institution’s assets.
Share Network Foundation shall not hold more assets than reasonably required
for the continuity of the planned activities on behalf of the institution’s objective.
Spending policy
The institution spends the income obtained in accordance with the objective on the following projects.
Program Policy
During our first phase in 2017, we focused mainly on collaborative projects with other organizations. Below are a our projects that we have already organized and will (co-)organize.
Annual plan: 2018
– Strive to maintain the mentoring program, secure it for the future and
create a solid foundation with peace and continuity.
– Establishing a good operational team.
– Apply for grants.
– Implement software system for efficient office management and reduce
overhead costs.
– Set up and print promotional material and branding. Both online and
– Recruit and train business partners.
– Recruit and train experience experts within the foundation.
– Provide peer support within the mentor program.
– Expand dance workshops to a second shelter.
– Progress of Branded Free Campaign.
– Expand and maintain our network within politics, municipality and professionals.

Dance Workshops:
67 women of 19 different nationalities attended our workshops. We saw a tremendous improvement in social skills and relationship dynamics within the so-called safe house. We saw a significant difference in developing trust within the teacher-student relationship.
Our goal is to expand to a second safe house and conduct dance workshops to enhance the development of victims of human trafficking, but
also to establish more partnerships with other safe houses. We set the
goal to train at least 125 women.
< 2023:
Expand our training program to a size of 550 women with workshops in at least 4 safe houses.
Mentorship Program:
Facilitating and giving a dance workshop is just one of the first steps in the
process of restoring dignity. Our mentorship program contributes to this.
It is an inspiring platform for personal development that creates a new sense of purpose and confidence in our participants. This positive interaction will be the beginning of a new and socially inclusive life. We see
especially the need for training in the following areas:
– Goal setting
– Budgeting
– Participating in the labor market
– Learning Dutch
It is particularly important to offer a certificate after the training, because This is an important step in the process of restoring dignity. These victims often feel valuable again when they have worked for something and achieved something and their efforts are duly recognized. It is extremely difficult to integrate into society with a regular job after such an immense trauma. Our mentoring program is a good starting point for a life, in which they can make their own choices.
Vocational training:
We launched our pilot mentoring program with 5 mentees, with the intention that the end of the mentee’s first year would culminate in an internship and she additionally receive vocational training. In creating successful partnerships, 2 mentees were able to obtain an internship and even find work opportunities.
We are expanding our program by mentoring 20 women. This also means creating more relationships with entrepreneurs and partnerships with companies.
< 2023:
We want to mentor more than 180 mentees and create 45 successful partnerships with local businesses.
Target country Moldova:
Our goal was to train a group of about 50 students in Moldova. We exceeded our goal and had the privilege of training over 150 students in Moldova to train.
2018: In addition to our partnership with Tekwill and Heroes International, we will be supporting a local safe house through teaching. The safe house is located just outside Chisinau (the capital of Moldova). We train the trainers and mentors in being able to work with trauma and promote the programs that Tekwill and Heroes International offer to victims of sex trafficking.
Branded Free:
We will continue unabated with our “Branded Free” campaign. This
This campaign is designed to facilitate the conversion of tattoos – often put on by pimps or traffickers – on survivors to something else and thus contribute to the restoration of dignity. The transformation process will be documented in a photo book in 2018. In this book, survivors will share in a powerful way, empowering others to do the samedo. Be the launching pad for the Branded Free campaign in the Netherlands.
We set a goal to do 16 cover-ups of old tattoos and to incorporate the stories in
tasteful and artistic way of telling them in our book.
Open our own office to be able to conduct intake interviews, keep files, and conduct workshops and trainings in a safe place.
Remuneration Policy
In accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Articles of Association, the members of the Board of Directors receive no salary for the work they perform in this capacity than a reimbursement of expenses incurred, provided they are not excessive.
Description of administrative organization
The treasurer will be responsible for keeping the financial records administration. All other records shall be maintained by the president of the institution.
The financial statements of the institution will be prepared by Houweling and Partners memberof the NOAB ( )
Publication requirement
Share Network fulfils its obligation to publish by means of the publication of its of its policy plan and annual accounts on its website


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We exist to abolish slavery. And with your help, we will.