Our mentoring program is set up to focus on the solutions, rather than the problems faced by many survivors of human trafficking. This program focuses on giving freedom and independence and equips our mentees to reach their full potential. Many of Share Network’s participants have not had the the opportunities to achieve the goals or aspirations they may have had under different circumstances.  By matching our survivors of trafficking with inspirational mentors, we  support our participants in achieving their aspirations.

Share Network

Creating life-changing opportunities through our programs and courses.

Mentorship program

is a personal development course. This course offers a practical approach to support in reaching full potential.

Internship program

We create internships to help make getting back into work, education, or training even easier.

Boost program

is a short vocational course that develops our participants skills in a specific sector of the workforce.

Work experience

We work with companies to help give our participants the opportunity to gain work experience and acquire job-specific skills.


Share Network’s mentoring program counteracts the marginalisation of our participants. It is an inspiring and exciting personal development platform, creating a new sense of purpose and trust. This positive interaction will be the start of a new and inclusive journey.

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