Human trafficking

Slavery is often talked about in numbers

There are many different statistics, mainly because human trafficking is a criminal industry and is not easy to track. In order to gather the right data you also need the testimony of the victim, which for obvious reasons is not always easy to attain. However, in recent years traffickers have been convicted because of sufficient evidence of transactions.

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of identified victims are women and girls


Sex trafficking with children


of trafficking cases are indentified

Find out what you can do!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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Inform yourself!

Read, ask, explore! Human trafficking is a global issue that concerns many different topics and you’ll probably be interested in more than one of them: gender, human rights, activism,  etc. There are many ways to be informed!

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Be the first to talk about it!

Simply by discussing and debating with relatives and friends you can raise awareness about the important links between the challenges of your daily life and the global effect slavery has on us all.

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You don’t need to travel very far to show solidarity with global causes. Anti-trafficking  Organisations and NGO’s in your city or town are already working to fight slavery, injustice and poverty both here and abroad. Get involved!

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