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Girls in ICT Day highlights Survivor Leaders

Girls in ICT highlights Survivor Leaders

Girls in ICT day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April every year. At Share we believe that Education and Employment are the best antidote against human trafficking. Human trafficking also referred to as Modern Day Slavery is one of the fastest growing criminal industries. What better way to combat modern day slavery by promoting technology career opportunities for girls and women in the world’s fastest growing (fairwork) sector.

There are an estimated 2 million jobs available in the information and communication and technology sector. Girls and young women who learn coding and apps development will not only be well-placed for a successful career in the ICT sector, but ICT skills are rapidly becoming a strong advantage for students in just about any other field they might choose to pursue.

We are happy to announce the launch of Share Academy. With some help of our friends at ABN AMRO we were able to get laptops and full paid scholarships for our first group of up and coming coders.

The very first applicant at Share secured a job as a software engineer in Cyber security

Several years ago our founder started an internship at Go2peoplewebsites in Amsterdam. “The joy of being at a real office and working, without ever really having finished a real legit education gave me a lot of confidence. Not only did coding help me deal with my anxiety, but it also gave me the ability to build something and see it magically appear on my computer screen. It brought me great satisfaction. I actually started to build websites because an NGO supporting victims of human trafficking in Antwerpen could not afford to pay a web developer. That was the very first website I ever built. “

“Marketing for NGO’s with sensitive information is a difficult task. How do you promote something that is still taboo, very underground and associated with criminal industries.”
Our story

Our 3 E strategy; Empower, Educate and Employ is our way of empowering survivors. So when our first applicant Farah* registered for our mentoring program we were ready to take on the challenge together. How do you kick start your career as an immigrant woman,  in a world that still favors to hire men firstly. Specifically when Dutch is not your mother language.

We asked Farah* to share a little bit about her experience and story of how she took control of her own future and defied all the odds against her.  Farah* is the very first applicant to register to our program and secured a job as a software engineer in cyber security. How cool is that.
Farah* tells us that it wasn’t easy or glamorous at all. “I had many sleepless night and asking questions was not something I liked to do. When I finally graduated and started to apply for jobs, it gave me a sense that I could do anything. I definitely could not have done this without my support system.  Now all that is on my mind is to give back.” So I called Share and said; “how can I help?

I am now also the senior program coordinator at Share Academy. Training people who were in the same position as I. It is possible to take control of your future!

Let’s see how these group of students will make it. One digit at a time.

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