Share Network Mentoring Scheme: FAQs

What is the time commitment for the scheme?

Mentoring pairs are committed to meeting twice a month and each meeting should last around an hour – this can vary depending on the type of session. Your commitment to the scheme will be for twelve months. After this time, your mentoring partnership will end.

When would I meet up with my mentee?

You and your mentee can meet between Monday and Sunday depending on both your availability. Some mentoring pairs meet on the same day, at the same time, every other week. However other pairs change the days of their meetings regularly.

Who would my mentee be?

Your mentee will be a service user of the Share Network, therefore they may be a survivor of human trafficking. Our participants will  express an interest in having a mentor, they are then matched accordingly. All mentees also have to fill in a form for the scheme so that we can gauge interests and goals.

What training will I receive?

Once you have filled in the application and we’ve successfully matched you to a mentee based on interests and goals, you’ll receive a comprehensive mentoring training day. During training you will get a thorough introduction to Share Network, the mentoring scheme, safeguarding and lone working with vulnerable people. The sessions are designed to develop confidence, and will include lots of hands-on and discussion-based activities.

What activities could I do with my mentee?

Mentoring is tailored to each pair, depending on the needs of your mentee and with the consent of your Mentoring Coordinator you can potentially meet anywhere in Amsterdam. Your focus could differ from developing social skills, building confidence to future thinking, and career aspiration guidance.

How does Share Network match me with my mentee?

The Share Network mentoring programme coordinator will carefully match you with a mentee based on personality, shared interests and career considerations.

By getting to know you and by knowing our mentees we try and bring the right people together. On a practical basis we think about your skills, interests, profession and geography.

Is there any paperwork I need to do?
In short yes, we’ll give you a number of documents you can use to prompt a conversation around goal setting with your mentee’s.  One of which will include a goal setting sheet, where you will assist your mentee to set specific and measurable goals and mark their progress.  We also ask you to fill out a report every eight weeks, which will be reviewed and discussed with the Mentoring Coordinator at your eight week check in meetings.  The report will allow you to detail any challenges or issues that may have arisen, will also use it as an evaluation tool to improve the programme and demonstrate to future funders what we do.