Dance workshops

Art, and in particular dance, speaks beyond the barriers of language and culture. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is based upon the belief that the body and mind interact. DMT provides a non-verbal way to look at the connection between the body and emotions. Because dancing is often seen as an uplifting and enjoyable experience, it is a good way to encourage participants to use their  body in an enjoyable way which, in turn, empowers both the mind and body. Survivors can eventually regain a sense of control in a safe space and give their body a voice again.

Goals are Improving social skills and relationships dynamics Regaining control over the body Connecting; how the mind influences the body and vice versa Physical training – Improving health. Moving beyond fear.

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Job coaching

One of the main ways we get to offer our community different workshops, is our partnershop with corporates, businesses and professional individuals. Our main focus is to bridge the gap to the workforce.

Together we organise an array of hands-on workshops to help improve your skills and give our community the opportunity to work with top employers such as Hogan Lovells Global Law firm, Oracle Digital and ABN Amro. while improving your CV and interview techniques. during our workshops people  will get the chance to meet new people and learn what it takes to get your foot in the door. Some courses include a trial shift with potential job offers available at the end.

Human trafficking exploits men, women and children in some of the worst ways known to mankind. This includes abuse, sex exploitation, slavery, forced prostitution and labour, and more. Because of its traumatic nature, it is not an easy subject to talk about and a gap has been created between survivors of human trafficking and the rest of the community. We are using art to break that barrier and empowering survivors and the community to take a stand against injustice.

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