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Thank you to the Schiffmachers

Thanks  to the Schiffmachers we did our first cover-up tattoo of a survivor of human trafficking. It’s a beautiful day. Transformation, leaving the past behind!



In the Second World War, tattoos were used as a method of branding captives in concentration camps. In the times of the Roman Empire, masters branded their slaves. Nowadays, farmers brand their cattle. Branding or tattooing has repeatedly been used as a method of illustrating ownership. However, concerning the branding of humans, this diabolical act not only symbolizes ownership, but is also emblematic of a dehumanization process. It is symbolic for the loss of dignity. It is symbolic for the loss of ownership over one’s own body. It is symbolic of captivity. W

The Branded Free Campaign is an initiative by Stichting Share Network. In collaboration with tattoo artist the Branded Free Campaign gives former victims of human trafficking cover-up tattoos. The three main goals of this campaign are, namely, to restore dignity, raise awareness, and raise more funds for the work of Share Network…More info