From one day to another, everything changed…He became more violent


I was young, naïve, and in love. At that age, I did not know yet what the dangers were of men who gave you every gift you could want and promised you the world even though you knew that they could not give it. I got everything I wanted: designer clothing, an apartment, vacations, love, and attention. He took good care of me in the beginning, and I felt safe. He wanted me to tattoo his name on my body, and I did it without a second thought.

From one day to another, everything changed: I owed him everything, and I had to pay for it. What started as a life full of love and warmth suddenly became a relationship that revolved around business. I had to work more often and for longer periods of time, and everything I earned went straight into his pocket. His behavior also changed and he became unkind towards me. He became more violent and I saw him less and less.

Some part of me still loved him. I fooled myself by saying that our relationship was based on love, and that it couldn’t possibly be fake. When I became pregnant of him, I hoped that it would bring us closer together. However, the opposite seemed to be true: as a pregnant woman I could not work anymore and he went wild with violence. My child died in my womb. Not only did he kill my unborn child, he killed his.

I ran away and never looked back. In the end I still became the mother I always wanted to be. I still think of my unborn child that passed away every day with great sadness. Share Network gifted me two tattoos: a rose that was put over the name of my pimp, and a tattoo that I picked myself in memory of the child I lost. I am in charge of my body again, inside and out.