Meet Robin April Knitter, one of our business partners! Robin Knitter, born and raised in East Amsterdam, is an inspiration all on her own. She is the proud owner of Rock & Roll Beauty. Robin Knitter comes from a big family. Her parents, a humble couple, owned a business together. They instilled certain values into her like education, endurance, and paying it forward. She was kind enough to share her story with us.

The Office Life

Robin’s first love after high school was law. She studied long and hard and earned herself a bachelor degree in law. Out of all studies and careers, law seemed the most fitting and fulfilling. However, she soon realized that part of being a lawyer also meant being part of ‘the office-life’. The office-life restricted flexibility and creativity in ways that she could not see herself living with for the rest of her life. It was a great path, but it wasn’t for her.

One question changed everything: “What do you love to do?”

And the answer was simple…. “I love to do my nails.”

She Stepped Out On Her Own

From there, the idea to open her own business bloomed. Robin had already been doing nails for her friends and was getting referred to by friends, which only encouraged her further. So how did this idea become a beauty salon? Well, Robin realized that her business would have a better chance at succeeding if she broadened the concept beyond nails to general beauty services, and she was right!

Robin’s hope is that her beauty salon makes its clients feel at home, feel comfortable, feel pampered. Service to the client is a top priority. She sees her business succeeding because with a happy client as the end goal of each appointment, the reward is that the client comes back and that they refer others.

“When you work for money, your business will not grow” says Robin.

Noticing that Robin is at a point in her life where she has a certain privilege and comfort, she decided that it is time to give back. That is where Stichting Share comes into play!

Empower – Educate – Employ

After hearing about Stichting Share, our mission, our vision, and our work, Robin was convinced that this was how she was going to give back.

Robin will be giving survivors the opportunity to intern at her beauty salon. Her hope is to help survivors find themselves and their passions in a safe environment. Not only will Robin offer them an internship, she will offer them a position in her beauty salon, offer her support, be the person to help them find comfort outside of their comfort zones, and help the survivors grow so that they may be better able to function within a company and maybe even open a company of their own someday.

When thinking of the future, Robin has big plans for the next coming years. Her excitement and ambitious nature are contagious! We are very lucky and proud to have Robin working with us to help and support our survivors. A very warm welcome to Robin April Knitter! If you are in the Amsterdam area, please stop by her shop.